Who are we? Happy Hippo Building School is found online in the Virtual world called Second Life. Created by Victoria Paule, and co-owned by Leslea Aldrin and Gillian Snowbear, we focus on our students having an enjoyable time while they learn to build, apply textures, create clothing, script, animate and learn to use some basic graphics programs. We have classes for those who are absolutely new to Second Life and those who have progressed onto more complex concepts. Our teachers are skilled and patient and will work with you until you are successful with the class being presented. We have some free self paced tutorials, as well as some boxed classes which are mainly at no cost.  Come and check us out! Wander around, take a windsurfing trip on the waterway! Play Whack-a-Mole! We have several games - all free and fun, as well as a bistro to sit and relax in.  Join our chat group for plenty of help and pleasant conversation!

Happy Hippo Building School

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